Bar Association of Belgrade Bar Association of Serbia Law of Contract and Torts Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia


The law office conducts its operations on the whole teritory of Republic of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosina and Herzegovina.

Our office specialty is providing lawyer services from following areas:

civil law

litigation, probate and execution procedures, representing in all forms of contracting, compensation claims, real estate litigation, protection of copyrights, housing disputes, land registry law, divorce cases, alimony cases, international marital lawsuits, probate proceedings, testaments and contracting life support, contracts on property division


criminal law

defense of reported, charged and accused persons in front of courts and police authorities

commerce law

representing in commerce cases in Commerce courts, as well as representing in cases of bankruptcy, mediation between creditors and bankruptcy debtors

employment law

employment cases, representing physical persons on realization of employment rights

process of privatization

representing before Privatization Agency and mediation in processes of privatization



The law office has permanent partners who are experts in respective areas.

The law office provides services in Serbian, English, Italian language, and also provides possibility of services in Slovenian and German language.